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Title:   Moderate Risk: BDII file permission and passwords
Date:    2011-03-09
Updated: 2011-10-21, 2011-11-15



This advisory is being issued because a vulnerability in BDII [R1] has been found which
may allow an authorized user to gain password information from a BDII configuration file.

This problem has been reported to the EGI Software Vulnerability Group (SVG).

Only gLite 3.2 services are affected.


The Berkeley Database Information Index (BDII) is used to provide information on services
and resources in the EGI Grid environment.

One of the configuration files which contains passwords for the database has been found to
have the wrong file permissions by default, and it is possible that authorized users may be
able to read this and modify the Information Service database.  Also, on configuration of
the BDII the site administrator is not forced to change the password from the default.
If the password is known and a given BDII is accessible, its contents can be modified

The affected gLite 3.2 services include the top-level BDII, the site BDII and
every service with a resource BDII.  That is, every service containing the bdii rpm.

Risk Category

This issue has been assessed as 'Moderate' risk by the EGI SVG Risk Assessment Team (RAT).

Affected Software

glite-yaim-core <= 4.0.14-1

For BDII version 5.0.x, versions earlier than 5.0.10 are affected,
the problem was resolved in 5.0.10.

For BDII version 5.1.x, versions earlier than 5.1.23 are affected,
the problem was resolved in 5.1.23.

Affected versions are only present in gLite 3.2.

EMI and the EGI UMD contain newer, non-vulnerable versions of BDII.

In ARC the BDII is managed differently and was found not to be vulnerable.

BDII version 4 is not affected. The implication is that services using gLite 3.1 are
not affected.

Component Installation information

On each affected gLite 3.2 Security Update 01 should be installed as described here:

It refers to the following patch:

It provides a YAIM post-configuration function for the BDII that fixes the vulnerability.

This solution was preferred over a (lengthy) certification of the affected services
with newer versions of glite-yaim-core and the BDII, given the limited remaining
life time of the majority of the affected gLite 3.2 services.

Services installed from the EGI UMD [R 2] are not affected.

Services installed directly from EMI are not affected.

ARC services are not affected.


Sites running gLite 3.2 services should install gLite 3.2 Security Update 01 as above.

Services installed from the EGI UMD [R 2] are not affected.

Services installed directly from EMI are not affected.

ARC services are not affected.


This vulnerability was reported by Simon Fayer. It was later found and reported
independently by Lukasz Flis and reported by Adam Smutnicki.





2011-02-28 Vulnerability reported by Simon Fayer
2011-03-01 Acknowledgement from the EGI SVG to the reporter
2011-03-01 Software providers contacted
2011-03-02 Software providers responded and involved in investigation
2011-03-07 Assessment by the EGI Software Vulnerability Group reported to the software
2011-03-?? Problem fixed by software providers in BDII
2011-07-12 Unclear which versions of which production services are still affected
2011-10-06 Issue reported again by Lukasz Flis and Adam Smutnicki
2011-10-21 Advisory updated after clarification of which versions of which production
           services are still affected. Decision to produce patch to fix vulnerable
           gLite 3.2 sites.
2011-11-15 Advisory updated with release details.
2011-11-15 Public disclosure

On behalf of the EGI SVG,