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SLM RC OLA Service Levels

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This page defines the current service levels provided by EGI Resource Centres.

It is mandatory that EGI certified Resource Centres provide a minimum monthly Availability/Reliability as specified below (see the RC Operational Level Agreement).

Availability/Reliability statistics (OPS VO) are issued on a monthly basis.

Service Level parameters
Availability Minimum 80%, profile ROC_CRITICAL
Reliabilty Minimum 85%, profile ROC_CRITICAL
Unknown Maximum 10%
Quality of Support level Medium

Condition for suspension Resource Centres which have an Availability of less than 80% for three consecutive months will be suspended, i.e. removed from the production infrastructure. Note. This new suspension policy was introduced in May 2014, to increase the original 70% threshold to 80%. (April 2011, increase 50% threshold to 70%).
Condition for justification Resource Centres not providing minimum monthly performance (80% availability, 85% reliability) MUST provide justification through a GGUS ticket.

IMPORTANT: as of 01 January 2012, ROC_CRITICAL replaces WLCG_CREAM_LCGCE_CRITICAL in Resource Centre monthly statistics.