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SAM Nagios probes refactoring TF

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Alert.png This article is Deprecated and should no longer be used, but is still available for reasons of reference.


  • assess the support status of various Nagios probes available
    • recommend removal or replacement of unsupported probes from the SAM Nagios framework
    • request improvement/correction of supported ones
    • ease their maintenance and support by:
      • reducing the number of probes
      • reducing the dependencies between services (a reported service error should not be caused by the problems of another service in the same site)
  • improve documentation:
    • availability of references to the individual nagios probes/tests descriptions in a central place
    • update known documentations web pages with proper references (avoid broken links)
    • improve developers guides
    • require change to SAM to remove harcoded documentation URLs in metrics configuration

Reference:OMB, June 26, 2014 - Re-factoring SAM probes




Generic improvements

  • eliminate Broken Links
  • collect all documentation links in a central place
  • create a unique page collecting descriptions of all available tests/probes

Developers Documentation

  • collect requierments and suggestions from Probes Developers


Identified Issues

  • NGI SAM Nagioses have documentation URL hardcoded in metric configuration - GGUS #108242
    • changing the URLs requires SAM update
    • Solution:
      • Plan the Change
  • org.gstat.SanityCheck - not maintained anymore - GGUS #108243
    • checks small subset of BDII GLUE 1.3 data
    • (add reference to profiles were it is enabled)
    • Solution:
      • replace with org.bdii.GLUE2-Validate - through validation of GLUE 2 data
  • SAM requires unsupported software
    • UMD 2 middleware:
    • CentOS/SL5
      • Solution: - migration to CentOS/SL6 planned within EGI InSPIRE JRA2 activity
  • org.sam.SRM-GetTURLs fails if webdav is published
    • the probe takes from the BDII the list of protocols published in the GlueSEAccessProtocol object and tries to access them using SRM. This fails for webdav.
    • Solution:
      • CERN DPM PT is developping a webdav SAM probe - GGUS #108571
      • improve org.sam.SRM-GetTURLs, under dCache PT maintenance, to not ask/test SRM for a webdav TURL
  • MPI Nagios probe issues for GE batch system - GGUS #108443
    • GGUS #101406 - WARNING: Publishes GlueCEPolicyMaxCPUTime (30) / GlueCEPolicyMaxWallClockTime (30) < 4
    • Solution
      • rewriting the test to take into acount that GE provider now also provides correct CPU limit in the BDII per core and include it in the next SAM update
  • remove/replace FTS(2) probes - GGUS #108458
    • FTS2 has been decommissioned since the 1st of August;
    • the Nagios FTS probes are not suited for FTS3 and so they can be removed.
    • Solution:
      • follow-up with TP (OliverK & MaiteBL) the development of FTS3 probes and their integration in in SAM
  • SAM CE Nagios framework is unsupported
    • used for WN* tests
    • Solution: - replace them
  • LFC decommissioning - with implications in tests depending on it
    • org.sam.WN-Rep* (CREAM-CE)
    • org.sam.WN-Rep* (CREAM-CE)
    • Possible Solutions (under evaluation:
      • deploy dedicated LFC and reconfigure all NGI SAM Nagioses
  • SRM tests (add reference) cause false alarms on new DPM versions (tests for SRM API all the interfaces published in the Top-BDII) (add link to GGUS tkt)
    • Solution: - ??

TF Activity

Description Status
Replace all references to "" with "" DONE
Provide lists of all ROC SAM tests, in ROC_SAM_Tests DONE
Update description of ROC SAM tests, in ROC_SAM_Tests In Progress
Update all broken links in SAM In Progress
Include info from SAM_Tests in SAM, and obsolete it In Progress
etc ToDo

SAM/ARGO Roadmap


  • Cristina Aiftimiei
  • Emir Imamagic
  • Peter Solagna
  • David Crooks
  • Tiziana Ferrari
  • Paloma Fuente
  • Kashif Mohammad
  • Stuart Pullinger
  • Marcin Radecki
  • Ievgen Sliusar
  • Ulf Tigerstedt
  • Petter Urkedal