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Major changes

Major changes in SAM Update-23:

Detailed list of all new features and bug fixes can be found here: ARGO/SAM github- Milestone Update23.


This guide is based on the previous SAM Administration guide: [1].


Install your host certificate to secure the Nagios portal:

$ ls -l /etc/grid-security/host*
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2286 Oct 28 19:26 /etc/grid-security/hostcert.pem
-r-------- 1 root root  887 Oct 28 19:25 /etc/grid-security/hostkey.pem
$ openssl x509 -in /etc/grid-security/hostcert.pem -noout -purpose | grep "SSL client"
SSL client : Yes

SELINUX needs to be disabled to proceed with the installation. If it is enabled, follow the instructions below and reboot the machine:

$ setenforce 0
$ sed -i 's/^SELINUX=.*/SELINUX=disabled/' /etc/selinux/config

Generate MyProxy credential (only needed if you are not using robot certificates), steps should be perform on an UI box:

$ ls -l .globus/
total 16
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 4908 Sep 18 14:44 usercert.pem
-rw------- 1 root root 4836 Sep 18 14:44 userkey.pem

$ myproxy-init -c 4320 -k NagiosRetrieve-<hostname>-<VO name> -s <MYPROXY-name> -l nagios -x -Z <host DN>

YUM repositories

OS/EPEL repos



Follow the instructions for installation of UMD-3 and EPEL repositories: In this manual we assume that priority of the UMD-3 is 1 as it is defined in the umd-release package.

Add SAM repository from here:

Package installation

Perform the following installation steps:

$ yum -y install ca-policy-egi-core httpd mysql51
$ yum -y install nagios.x86_64
$ yum install sam-nagios


SAM uses Yaim for configuration. A detailed specification of all SAM configuration parameters is available in the SAM documentation:

Check the Yaim variables changes below: SAMUpdate23#Yaim_variable_changes.

In addition, check the FAQs for common configurations and problems: [2]

Once the site-info.def is ready, run Yaim:

$ /opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -c -s /etc/yaim/site-info.def -n NAGIOS -n SAM_NAGIOS


Check the Nagios web interface and SAM portal are up

Check MyProxy credentials

$ nagios-run-check <hostname> hr.srce.GridProxy-Get-<VO-name>


Upgrade from Update-22 is fully supported and it does not require SAM box reinstall. Procedure is the following:

 yum remove umd-release
 rm -rf /etc/yum.repos.d/UMD-2-*
 yum --nogpgcheck localinstall umd-release-3.0.1-1.el5.noarch.rpm
 yum update
 /opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -c -s /etc/yaim/site-info.def -n NAGIOS -n SAM_NAGIOS

Upgrade from release older than Update-22 is not supported and it requires clean installation.

Package changes

Updated packages from the SAM repo:

Packages moved/added to the UMD-3 repo:

Obsoleted packages:

NCG config changes


Modifications can be found in directories /etc/ncg/ncg-localdb.d/jobsubmit and /etc/ncg-metric-config.d/.

Yaim variable changes

Default values changed:

Variables obsoleted:

Test changes

Tests added:

Tests removed:

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