Questions to potential CDMI adopters

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Non-technical questions


What is your use case in 2 sentences?

Storage systems

  1. What kind of persistent storage do you currently use?
  2. Are you using public cloud storage systems?
    1. if yes -> how do you organize access credentials?
    2. if no -> who owns your storage system?
  1. What methods are you using for manipulating the storage: cli/api/browser?
    1. could you name the technology behind? (or provide a link if it's exotic)
  1. Is being able to link to a dataset from a browser an improvement in your use case? 1.5 Is data migration is an issue for you? E.g. from one storage system to another?


  1. Would you be interested in participating in porting of your scenario to CDMI?
  2. Would you be interested in subscribing to Stoxy (CDMI-compliant storage proxy) updates?

Technical questions

  1. How do you provide access credentials to your current storage solution?
  2. What is the average bandwidth your storage clients have on upload/download?
  3. Would you benefit from server side processing? If so, what would it be? (e.g. filtering/resize, etc)


  1. If you are using OCCI-compliant IaaS - do you have a view how CDMI could fit it (possibly replacing existing non-stanard protocols?)
  2. How do you attach additional storage volumes?