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EGI-InSPIRE:Plan 2014 SA1.6

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Assessment of progress in 2013

Completed Activities and Milestones

  • GGUS Report Generator
 Implementation finished
  • VOMS synchronization
 Restructured VOMS synchronization for making it fail-safe.
  • GGUS Interfaces with other ticketing systems
 Interface for NGI_IBERGRID implemented
 Set up an xGUS instance for MAPPER
  • Implementation of specific work flows for CSIRT/Security
 The CSIRT team decided not using GGUS
  • Ticket monitoring in GGUS
 Implemented automated notifications for various ticket status
  • Interface with GOCDB
 Adapted interface according to GOC DB upgrade to Doctrine

Milestones not accomplished

  • Q3
    • Implementation of CMS specific portal and work flows: definition of requirements within CMS was delayed
  • Q4
    • Introduce alternative authentication/authorization processes: this task is strongly related to the restructuring and integration of the GGUS source code into xGUS. Will be completed early 2014.
    • Integration of operations portal: waiting for the operations portal team for finishing their work package.

Plans for 2014

  • Alarm process for central operations tools
 Implement alarm process for EGI central operations tools
  • GGUS Interfaces with other ticketing systems
 Interface for PRACE
 Interface for XSEDE
  • Web portal
 Introduce alternative authentication/authorization processes
 Provide specific view for CMS VO
  • Integration of operations portal in GGUS