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EGI-InSPIRE:Plan 2013 SA1.4

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Assessment of progress in 2012

Completed Activities and Milestones

  • HA implemented for all tools
    • The failover GOCDB instance is available at: In 2012 the failover was utilised during a number of unexpected downtimes and included switching the DNS to the failover.
  • MSG: implementation of test message broker network
    • Developed test suite for testing PROD and TEST broker networks stability. This serves complimentary to set of nagios endpoints monitoring the PROD MSG infrastructure in case a test needs to be run.
  • MSG: scalablity improvement
    • Automatic closing of inactive STOMP connections after one hour was implemented in January.
  • MSG: staged message broker network upgrades
    • Four staged upgrades performed in 2012: January 31st, June 1st, November 7th and November 28th.
  • MSG: improvement of availability
    • Camel routes switched off, SAM uses virtual destinations starting from January.
  • CIC portal decommissioned
    • Decommission of the old CIC portal ( was performed on April 25th.
  • Deployment of VO operations dashboard
    • VO Dashboard was included in Operations Portal 2.9, released on February 15th.
  • Site A/R monitoring
    • Probe for site A/R monitoring was included in Operations Portal 2.9.6, released on September 27th.

Milestones not accomplished

  • Automatic notification in case of failure of a central tools (ALARM tickets)
    • Initial assessment was performed by the GGUS team. Implementation will be done in 2013. Activity will be performed by the GGUS team as part of SA1.6.
  • Improvement of sam-MSG-ops portal synchronization
    • Initial tests were performed on TEST broker network
    • VO dashboard is already using virtual destination
    • Prototype implementation for regular Dashboard
  • MSG: security implementation
    • Enabled x509 authentication on broker endpoints
    • Enabled x509 authentication for all APEL clients
    • Discussed with SAM development team their roadmap and in specific the plans to move to authenticated only connection mechanisms with regard to PROD MSG infrastructure. This is foreseen to be completed in 2013.

Plans for 2013


  • MSG: security implementation
    • Work with SAM development team and establish authentication
    • Enable utility that traces IPs of hosts that connect to the network without proper authentication
    • Identify clients that still use the PROD MSG infrastructure without proper authentication (other than SAM) and make contact with them (if found) in order to switch to authenticated connection
    • Assuming all clients identified have enabled a proper authentication method from their side a request will be passed to OMB to disable unauthenticated connections to PROD MSG network
    • Completion time: 12/2013
  • Enhance monitoring tools for PROD MSG network
    • Investigate Ganglia or similar tools to monitor the PROD infrastructure and expand monitoring to whole PROD MSG network
    • Completion time: 12/2013

Operations Portal

  • Availabilities and reliabilities report system
    • A new availabilities/reliabilities reporting system from perspective of VOs.
    • Completion time: 04/2013
  • Improvement of sam-MSG-ops portal synchronization
    • Operations Dashboard to start using virtual destination for synchronization with SAM.
    • Completion time: 6/2013
  • Refactoring dashboards
    • To increase the efficiency and the maintainability of the different dashboards (security dashboard, VO Dashboard, Operations Dashboard) the code is currently reviewed and improved. This work has been initiated during summer and will last at least until the middle of the year 2013.
    • Completion time: 06/2013
  • Continuous integration
    • Integration with various tools, providing version for mobile phones and tablets.
    • Completion time: 11/2013


  • Automatic DNS switching to failover instance
    • Automatic DNS switching to dynamically re-point the domain still needs to be investigated.
    • Completion time: Q2/2013
  • GOCDB v5
    • GOCDB v5 is scheduled for release end ~April/May. This will introduce changes to the existing PI ( This release will require acceptance testing by dependent PTs.
    • The failover will need to be updated simultaneously on production release.
    • V5 will introduce more non-exclusive scope tags for hosting multiple projects in the same instance. The existing scope PI parameter will support a comma-separated list of scope values rather than exclusive EGI or Local scope values.
    • Completion time: 5/2013


  • Integration of EMI probes
    • Will require re-installation of all SAM instances.
    • Completion time: Q4

Activities common to all operational tools