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Assessment of progress, 2011

The Accounting Repository and Portal were kept working reliably throughout 2011. The RGMA input interface was finally closed at the end of February with a number of migrations at the last minute, and later. Since the sites who left it late were generally those with lower levels of support, both internally and in their NGI, there was a heavy support load on the central repository team during this migration.

There were two(?) major releases of the portal in 2011. The first introduced the new GOCDB4 PI. The second was a major rewrite of the visualisation. Enhanced reports were also produced for WLCG. The whole portal infrastructure was virtualised in OpenNebula.

The apel-prod and apel-sync tests for SAM were made more reliable and publish into the latest SAM infrastructure via the production EGI messaging infrastructure.

The new SSM-based repository was released for testing by third-party accounting systems who currently publish summaries by direct database insertion. This was ready for production right at the end of the year but it was not thought wise to put it formally into production just before the holiday period.

Lots of discussions with Unicore, IGE, ARC on long-term plans for central accounting and interfacing their different solutions.

Participation in the EGI Virtualisation and Cloud Task Force on the accounting aspects of VM and Cloud usage.

Plans for 2012

Q1 The SSM-based repository which uses the EGI production messaging infrastructure for publishing summaries of cpu usage will start receiving summary data in production in early 2012. Testing of new accounting record types can start in this period but the aggregation and visualisation will be rudimentary.

Q2 After a period for all other infrastructures to migrate (estimated to take to the end of Q1), the underlying job database will be migrated to a new schema and structure. Existing job cpu publishing through the emi and glite apel clients will be redirected at the consumer end into the new repository so the new central infrastrtucture will not need a new client.

At this time the service will then be ready to receive job records through SSM and so will be able to receive job records from anyone who writes their own publisher or a new EMI-APEL client (probably EMI 2.1, not 2.0).  The new client can start SR. 

The new repository will be ready to receive additional types of accounting record but the exact nature of these and the resultant workflow still needs to be agreed.

The first 2012 release of the portal Deneb (4.1) is due in Q2 30/04/2012. Aligned with the repository changes the portal will also change to receiving summary data by messaging. The portal will also react to changing requirements for additional types of accounting records as these are agreed.

Q3 (or just possibly Q2) there will a new EMI-AAPEL client available using SSM to publish directly into the new infrastructure. Migration can start.

Q4 The second 2012 release of the portal  Electra (4.2) is due in Q4 31/10/2012.

Both the repository and portal will migrate to SL6 in 2012. Continuous Improvement.