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EGI-InSPIRE:Plan 2012 SA1.3

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Assessment of progress, 2011

Service Deployment and Validation

  • Transition from gLite to EMI:
    • EMI1 was released in May: significant work to have the transition of EA sites from gLite to EMI, has been accomplished
    • The SW provisioning workflow as well as its technical implementation was achieved and later refined, taking into account the experience gained in the first EMI release and its updates.
  • EMI1 and it's updates:
    • Large fraction of EMI1 products has been included into UMD1 release, i.e. 29 out of 32 products. Three products have been rejected in Verification (TSA2.3).
    • Several new products were included in later UMD updates, as of UMD 1.4, there are a total of 34 products included out of 37 from EMI.
  • IGE - Globus and its updates:
    • First IGE1 (Globus) products have passed the SW provisioning for UMD1.2 in the middle of September, broadening the scope of products to other MW providers.
  • Early Adopters:
    • The number of EA teams has increased during this year from around 40 in the beginning of the year to 55 at the end of the year.
    • All products from EMI and IGE are covered by EA teams, except 3 from EMI (those products: FTS, LFC_Oracle and VOMS_Oracle where not included in the UMD 1). 12 products from EMI are covered only by 1 team, while IGE/Globus products are also covered by only 1 team.
  • ARC and Unicore:
    • These MW stacks are part of UMD through EMI, extensive work has been done in order to have fully operational interoperability of sites deploying those products, namely the operational tools. TSA1.3 has accomplished the inclusion of those products into UMD.
  • Operational Tools - SAM/Nagios monitoring framework:
    • Until a few weeks ago only 1 EA team was performing the staged rollout of the SAM/Nagios monitoring updates, this situation has changed recently and 2 new teams have volunteered for this product. It should be noted that one of those teams is an ARC site.
  • UMD and EMI in the production infrastructure:

Plans for 2012

  • Continuation of the current support for EMI1 and IGE1 SW provisioning.
  • Initiate a campaign to get EAs for the upcoming EMI2, in particular the availability of SW in more OS flavours like SL6 and Debian6.
  • Improve the final stage of the workflow with respect to situations when problems are found soon after they are released in UMD, in particular the treatment and communication with the Technology Providers.
  • Evaluate and propose changes and improvements in the SW workflow, in order to simplify the workflow and make it more flexible. A first draft proposal is now under evaluation and comments.
  • Request SA2 to provide a web application for the staged rollout reports to substitute the current office documents, while producing automatically the PDFs with the reports.
  • Follow the Virtualization and Cloud Task Force, access it's implications to the SW provisioning.
  • Interoperability and testing of services between EGI and OSG.
  • definition of a mechanism to preserve A/R statistics in case of failure due to early adoption
  • review distribution of EA effort to concentrate it on products that are widely deployed and frequently released


  • Finalize integration of UNICORE tests into SAM monitoring framework. (Q2)
  • Definition of tests used for certification of UNICORE and Globus sites. As part of this activity tests will be included in set of operations tests (PROC06) (Q2)
  • Integration of Desktop Grids sites into EGI operational tools. (Q1)
  • Integration of MAPPER sites running QoSGrid middleware into EGI operational tools. (Q3)