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EGI-InSPIRE:Plan 2012 Milestones

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SA1.2 Security

  • SVG plans
    • WMS, CREAM
  • Q1
    • extension of access Monitor Module of SSC5
    • 1 NGI run of SSC5
    • further development of security dashboard
    • EMI Vulnerability Assessment of VOMS Core completion expected
  • Q2
    • Security Threat Risk Assessment (as described in D4.4)
    • CSIRT face to face meeting
    • improvement of RTIR ticketing system
    • improvement of internal issue handling procedure with RTIR
    • extension of SSC5 framework (integration of more job-submission methods), improvement of reporting module
    • optimization of alerts in security dashboard
    • new version of Pakiti
    • proposal for site-wide security monitoring
    • Update of the EGI Software Vulnerability Group/EMI Vulnerability Assessment plan, including status report. (This is for pro-active examination of software to find vulnerabilities that may exist carried out by our collaborators.)
  • Q3
    • SSC6
    • update of site certification procedure
    • SVG face to face
    • security training at EGI technical forum
    • EGI CSIRT operational procedure for compromised certificates.
    • EMI Vulnerability Assessment of WMS completion expected
  • Q4
    • evaluation of SSC6
    • nagios: CRL checking on services that have gridftp (CEs/SEs) and checking for known vulnerable file permissions via gridftp
    • Revise and improve Vulnerability Issue handing procedure
    • EMI Vulnerabity of CREAM begins

SA1.3 Staged rollout

  • for all quarters
    • continuation of sw provisioning for EMI 1 and IGE 1
  • Q1
    • preparation of EA of EMI 2.0 products and Debian
    • improvement of workflow in case of problems are found after UMD release
  • Q2
    • re-assessment and improvement of overall software provisioning workflow
    • web application to supply SR reports
    • mechanism to protect A/R statistics in case of EA failures
  • Q3
    • OSG-EGI cooperation on interoperability testing
  • Q4
    • implications of fedcloud activities on software provisioning

SA1.3 Interoperations

  • Q1
    • interation of desktop grid software into EGI operational tools
    • definition of checks for integration of GLOBUS and UNICORE sites
  • Q2
    • finalization of integration of unicore tests into SAM
  • Q3
    • Integration of MAPPER software platform

SA1.4 Tools

  • Q1
    • SAM monitoring of operations tools
    • HA implemented for all tools
    • MSG: implementation of test message broker network
    • MSG: scalablity improvement
    • MSG: staged message broker network upgrades
  • Q2
    • CIC portal decommissioned
    • deployment of VO operations dashboard
    • MSG: improvement of availability
    • automatic notification in case of failure of a central tools (ALARM tickets)
    • site A/R monitoring
  • Q3
    • improvement of sam-MSG-ops portal synchronization improvements
  • Q4
    • MSG: security implementation

SA1.5 Accounting

  • Q1
    • new SSM-based infrastructure in production
  • Q2
    • (AP) implementation of NGI usage reports according to VT specifications
    • (AP) portal release Deneb 4.1
    • (AR) database migration (after other accounting providers are migrated to SSM)
  • Q3
    • Portal receiving MSG-based summaries
  • Q4
    • (EMI) EMI APEL client using SSM released
    • (JRA1) regional distribution of repository
    • (AP) Portal release Electra 4.2

SA1.6 Helpdesk

  • Q1
    • first prototype of report generator
    • discussion on specific workflows for CSIRT (ongoing task)
  • Q2
    • HA: auto-switching
    • report generator (first version)
    • widget for integration into vo portals
    • integration of new xGUS instances
  • Q3
  • Q4
    • HA: DBMS and for GGUS completed (Intrusion Prevention System configuration for GGUS, improvements into Service Monitoring, concept for DBMS migration to Virtual Environment)
    • final version of report generator

SA1.7 support

  • Q1
    • (NET) IPv6 testbed in place
    • (TPM) revision of effort, duties, role of TPM
  • Q2
    • inclusion of tes tresources
    • resting of Nagios prove for testing of site under-performance
    • (NET) HINTS troubleshooting tool fr ia64
  • Q3
    • Solution of UNKNOWN status problem
    • change to underperforming sites followup-procedure
    • (NET) IPv6 testbed support for JRA1
    • (NET) update on perfSONAR MDM development at technical forum
  • Q4
    • OLA enforcement
    • ROD training and education
    • (net) report on IPv6 testing activities

SA1.8 Availability, core services, documentation

(no plans for documentation activities yet)

  • Q1
    • assessment of need of replica of OPS VOMS sever
    • second release of RP OLA
    • A/R reporting for NGI core serivces: discussion of specifications with operations portal team
  • Q2
    • first draft of OLA
    • extension of RP OLA to include more NGI grid core services
  • Q3
    • first release of OLA
  • Q4
    • decomissioning of legacy ROC groups in DTEAM VO