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Nagios probes Working Group

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Coordinator: Marcin Radecki/Operations Support

Meetings page:

Actions/nagios issues: see RT queue sam-probe-wg

Mailing list:

Mailing list page:


  • ARC expert team - NGI_CH, NGI_FI, NGI_UA, EMI (Petter Urkedal)
  • UNICORE expert team - TBA
  • gLite expert team - NGI_IT, WLCG (Andrea Sciaba, Maarten Litmaath), CREAM PT (Paolo Andreetto, Lisa Zangrando)
  • globus expert team - TBA
  • QosCosGrid expert team - TBA
  • SAM Team


Service Availability Monitoring in EGI is performed by SAM framework which is based on Nagios monitoring system. Nagios uses probes to examine a service. A number of middleware stacks are run by EGI sites: gLite, ARC, UNICORE are the most popular ones. For each middleware a set of probes exists, which check the services. New probes may be proposed as well as existing ones may require improvement to provide more complete testing. Some service changes may result in a new probe or probe changes. As SAM is run by (almost) each NGI there is a need to involve middleware experts from NGIs to enable smooth integration of new probes or probe changes into SAM framework.


The Working Group collects experts from NGIs and EGI who:

  • revise probes before they are integrated into SAM framework
  • evaluate probe- and monitoring-related improvements


How to participate

Send an e-mail to indicating which middleware group you are interested in.


  • evaluation of ARC EMI probes
  • evaluation of EMI probes for gLite-based services
  • evaluation of UNICORE EMI probes
  • 15.03.2013 evaluate of all EMI probes
  • report EMI probes evaluation summary to SAM Team