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NGI International Task Review MS116 United Kingdom

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Main page with instructions. In this page, you can provide your assessments for the EGI Global Tasks (MS115) and your self-assessment for the NGI International Tasks (MS116).


  • Both milestones are an assessment of services from a managerial perspective'and should be reported as an evaluation of the services -do 'not report what your NGI did for those tasks/services as this is covered by the Quarterly Reports.
  • MS115: External assessments of NA2.2 EGI Dissemination and Marketing as a global task. 
  • MS116: Self-assessment of NGI International Tasks, required for tasks where your NGI has effort. (The operations part is covered through a survey linked at the bottom of this page).

The content will be used for the following documents:

Global Tasks (MS115)

In this box, please provide your external assessment on the quality of the following tasks:

External Relations

Table 4: EGI Global Tasks Assessment: Dissemination (May 2011 - Oct 2011) + Marketing and Communication (since Nov 2011)
EGI-InSPIRE Name Assessment Score How to Improve
NA2.2E Dissemination (May 2011 - Oct 2011)
Marketing and Communication (since Nov 2011)
EGI presence at events and email communications are good. There is good communication between NGS and EGI dissemination staff. This area is let down by EGI website which has significant scope for improvement and I know work is underway. The new website should consider who is its audience and focus it on this. It currently tries to be something for everyone. If there are more than one audience then more than one website or entry point is needed. The current website is poor for accessibility, for example, the colour scheme fails contrast tests, scripts aren't offered for video clips, alt tags aren't used universally for images etc all meaning the website is not accessible for visually impaired users. There is no obvious link to an accessibility statement, and no privacy/cookie policy statement. 3 Address the website issues highlighted. There are free tools to check/improve accessibility, for emaple

NGI International Tasks (MS116)

In this box, please provide your self-assessment on the quality of the following tasks. 

External Relations

Table 4: NGI Assessment: May 2011 - Oct 2011
EGI-InSPIRE Name Assessment Score How to Improve
NA2.2N Dissemination National dissemination program funded in April 2011, SeIUCCR, allowed UK to be very strong in this field. Good working relationship between NGS and GridPP projects meeting and exceeding outreach targets. Helped EGI develop Case Studies and Roadshows ideas from national initatives and many dissemination stories have been cross-pollenated from NGS/GridPP and EGI. 5 continue the good work
NA2.3N Policy Development It was sometimes felt this area lacked some coordination from - lacking direction about what NGIs could do to help. But NGI UK has strong links into eIRG and good relationships with many of the UKs Research Councils, because of the heterogenous research background of its user base (NGS). 4 improved central coordination by

User Services

Table 4: NGI Assessment: May 2011 - Oct 2011
EGI-InSPIRE Name Assessment Score How to Improve
NA3.3N Requirements Gathering there were often requests coming from many different people covering many different areas. It was too easy to miss a request. 4 have a central channel to communicate such requests out of EGI and a central point of contact (email list) within the NGI to act on such requests.
NA3.3N Application Database Feedback from the local community that there was too much replication within the AppDB - same apps appearing more than once. With too little information on what differed between them. 3 For every App have the primary version as a parent with the different flavours as children under it perhaps? Or allow an NGI to add a 'me too' flag to existing apps which would prompt someone to seek additional information. In our publications portal there is a feature called disambiguation where one can flag two publications as actually being the same, or two authors as being the same person. This just raises a flag that prompts the overall administrator to look into each case. Here the function would be to flag two apps as actually being two instances of the same thing, in need of merging.
NA3.3N Training Marketplace Good idea for the tool, the ebay for training. UK is going to deploy it in the new NGS website and encourage commercial providers as well as research institutes to use it. 5 encourage more NGIs and projects to use it as their primary method of advertising training events and resources. NGIs and projects should provide more feedback to drive development of the tool rather than rely ont he UCST and tool developers. Get more commercial providers using it.
NA3.3N Consultancy Unclear how this differs from other activities such as the user community support tasks. UK work has been in two parts: (a) ESFRI Projects which clearly have an EGI target and (b) other communities which have, to date, been UK specific. Until very recently there has been no EGI aspect to either strand of this work. We perform it within the NGI with NGI effort and existing expertise. No EGI involvement or evidence of cross-border activity. 3 Coordination from Some signs of this recently with the introduction of virtual teams targetting certain areas of research.


For the assessment of the operations, a dedicated survey page is available