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NGI International Task Review MS116 Finland

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Main page with instructions. In this page, you can provide your assessments for the EGI Global Tasks (MS115) and your self-assessment for the NGI International Tasks (MS116).


  • Both milestones are an assessment of services from a managerial perspective'and should be reported as an evaluation of the services -do 'not report what your NGI did for those tasks/services as this is covered by the Quarterly Reports.
  • MS115: External assessments of NA2.2 EGI Dissemination and Marketing as a global task. 
  • MS116: Self-assessment of NGI International Tasks, required for tasks where your NGI has effort. (The operations part is covered through a survey linked at the bottom of this page).

The content will be used for the following documents:

Global Tasks (MS115)

In this box, please provide your external assessment on the quality of the following tasks:

External Relations

Table 4: EGI Global Tasks Assessment: Dissemination (May 2011 - Oct 2011) + Marketing and Communication (since Nov 2011)
EGI-InSPIRE Name Assessment Score How to Improve
NA2.2E Dissemination (May 2011 - Oct 2011)
Marketing and Communication (since Nov 2011)
EGI dissemination is targeted to certain groups, usually the ones that are primarily already cognisant with EGI or are partners of EGI. Others in the reviewer's organisation have better feedback. Obviously it depends on who one talks to. So, it might be that EGI's dissemination strategy could be aimed at a larger untapped audience.

Marketing/communication to the media is most likely targeted to certain groups/magazines/etc. It doesn't seem to read reach any main stream media, which do, on occasion, report on world class experiments, like LHC.

3 Possibly try to reach main stream media. We hear a lot about CLOUDS/FACEBOOK/GOOGLE/TWITTER so why not hear something about EGI in the same pages, particularly if there is some mention of a world renowned experiment?

NGI International Tasks (MS116)

In this box, please provide your self-assessment on the quality of the following tasks. 

External Relations

Table 4: NGI Assessment: May 2011 - Oct 2011
EGI-InSPIRE Name Assessment Score How to Improve
NA2.2N Dissemination Finland only had staff covering this activity for Q5. In this period, there was activity to further disseminate information about EGI to Finnish researchers, and a number of dissemination activities organised and attended. 3 A new dissemination officer has been appointed for Q8.
NA2.3N Policy Development This period saw less activity from Finland, because of staffing changes. 2 New staffing allocations might remedy this.

User Services

Table 4: NGI Assessment: May 2011 - Oct 2011
EGI-InSPIRE Name Assessment Score How to Improve
NA3.3N Requirements Gathering During May 2011 - Oct 2011 the FGI grid had very limited resources and was not ready to serve large user communities. 3 As the FGI infrastructure comes fully functional, grid computing will be promoted and correspondingly, the potential user communities will be made more aware of the grid services. We will then gain more requests for grid related services and tools.
NA3.3N Application Database Two tools (grid_BWA and ARC-SHRiMP) were added to the EGI applications database. 3 We will continue to add new applications as requests come in. The Applications Database should have links to documents that describe who can make use of the applications and how the application can be launched.
NA3.3N Training Marketplace Training marketplace was not used during May 2011 - Oct 2011 2 This should change as the new infrastructure becomes fully functional. Plans for local training are already being prepared, and the Training Market Place will be evaluated further.
NA3.3N Consultancy "On Site Grid Demonstrations" about using grid resources were arranged. In addition two research groups, both from the University of Helsinki, were supported to get them started with the usage of the emerging FGI infrastructure. 4 Better organized web pages about the grid available for Finnish users in conjunction withmore intensive marketing.


For the assessment of the operations, a dedicated survey page is available