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NGI DE CH Operations Center:Operations Meeting:30092011

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Operations Meeting Main


  • Minutes of last meeting
No comments
  • Access to this wiki page:


  • Meetings/conferences
  • Availability/reliability statistics
NGI-DE: 96%/96%
 UNI-SIEGEN-HEP 71 %/71 %

NGI_CH: 96 %/98 %
  • Monitoring
ARC deploing started
  • Staged rollout/updates
Discussion at the technical forum in Lyon about upcoming release concerning EMI and UMD:
Until April 2012 it is not required to install the UMD-EMI releases. Until april of next year you can leave your gLite 3.2  
installation in production as it is. Of course with installation of needed updates and security patches.
Comment Cesare: Will the SGE Cream CE still supported in EMI/UMD? Dimitri: Yes

Round the sites

  • BMRZ-FRANKFURT (Uni Frankfurt)
  • FZJuelich (Rebecca)
Big power outage in the complete town and campus. Everything was down.
  • Goegrid
  • GSI
  • ITWM (Martin)
  We installed the CA updates and the SL 5.7 update
  • KIT (GridKa, FZK-LCG2)(Dimitri)
nothing special to report
  • KIT (Uni Karlsruhe)
  • LRZ
  • MPI-K
  • MPPMU (John, Cesare)
  - delivered 256TB additional space 
  - fixed Information System issue dued by SRM configuration 
  - fixed Information System issue dued by Site BDII hanging issues (openldap 2.4.22-1)
  - fixed on CREAM:
     - increasing of memory to the apel parser fixed missing publishing to apel service for a long time, 
     - blah logger was not parsing accounting info, adding <ExtraFile> rule on the config to support our SGE accounting path fixed the issue,
     - increased purge interval fixed blah logger releasing too long queued jobs, 
     - tunign of purge policy fixed root partition getting full every few days.
  - fixed APEL: publisher issue 'causing every night to re-publish all stored data even if configured on "missing"
  - plan to upgrade CreamCe to the latest release (glite-CREAM3.2.13-1 better integration to GGE).
  • RWTH Aachen
  • SCAI
  • Uni Bonn
  • Uni Dortmund
  • Uni Dresden
  • Uni Freiburg (Anton via Email)
 - UNI-FREIBURG had some downtimes (warning and outage) because of air condition service/failure. One is ongoing at the moment.
 - Some problems with the CERN DNS that caused FTE are solved meanwhile.
  • Uni Mainz-Maigrid
  • Uni Siegen
  • Uni Wuppertal
  • CSCS (Miguel)
nothing special to report
  • PSI
  • Switch

Note: please update your entry at if needed.

Status ROD

37	12.09 	18.09 	Team4, JUELICH 	
38	19.09 	25.09 	Team5, BADW-LRZ	
39	26.09 	02.10 	Team6, CSCS/NGI_CH 	
40	03.10 	09.10 	Team1. DESY	
41	10.10 	16.10 	Team6, CSCS/NGI_CH 	switched wk 27/29
42	17.10 	23.10 	Team3, KIT
  • Other
Florian leaving end of September. Not clear who will participate from BADW-LRZ in the ROD shifts.


If you have additional topics to be discussed during the meeting, please submit them in advance via our email list email list.