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NGI DE CH Operations Center:OpDocu

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NGI-DE/NGI-CH Operations Center


  • Duty shifts
    • ~8 hours, 5 days in a week coverage
    • 1st line support & ROD together
    • Each team orginizes the shifters by themselfs.

  • Dashboard

Open tickets after 24 hours But less then 72 hours!!! This is important, otherwise we get problems with CCOD
By the new alarm the site has 24 hours to solve the problem. After 24 hours a ROD-shiftler opens a ticket
Also green alarms should be closed before they reach time of 72 hours!!

  • 1st Line support
handling of unassigned and opened tickets.

  • Communication

All 1st line + on-duty supporter contact: mailing list ngi-de-on-duty(AT)
Handover should be written at dashboard portal in handover tab.

Important: in the handover form select "NGI_DE" in the "To" field!