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NGI-DE/NGI-CH Operations Center

Ticket Processing

  • few examples from the current situation:

1. this ticket is assigned by default to ROC-DECH

from content it's clear that it's for the FZK, so during the shift you need to assign it to the proper support unit (FZK-LCG2)

2. There are no responce for this ticket: in such case it's your responsibility as the ROD on duty to contact site (e-mail, phone) to clarify the situation This section will provide knowledge base, FAQs and other useful information, to support shifters by their work.

(by Dmitry Ozerov)

multi-site tickets

  • Is ROD supposed to handle multi-site tickets?
    • Yes.
  • And if so, what is the procedure?
    • If the ticket is a GGUS child ticket, switch to the NGI help desk. (GGUS does not support grand-child-tickets.)
    • make duplicates of the ticket for every site
    • Make it a new parent-child-relation in NGI-DE.
    • Keep the original ticket at First Level Support.
  • Example: