NGI DE:GOP/resource centre certification for UNICORE

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--- How to certify a resource centre with UNICORE services only: ---

Requirements from EGI (

  • register with GOCDB according to EGI-RC-OLA
  • run site-BDII and publish data to central BDII (UNICORE will allow for that with its next release in Feb/March 2013)
  • support a way to enable service monitoring and security monitoring. As UNICORE cannot directly talk to VOMS, enabling the OPS VO is not possible. Instead add to your XUUDB, to the authorization file, or to UVOS the robot certificate NGI-DE (at KIT) is using for monitoring.
  • for testing and toubleshooting additional robot or user certificates (from VO dteam) might have to be added.
  • support one non-monitoring/troubleshooting user group, which is registered in EGI's Operations Portal4. As VO support in UNICORE is different from the one in gLite, this cannot be done currently in the gLite way. From the VO VOMS server's information XUUDB entries need to be created periodically. A template script is under development.
  • make sure your centre is up and running more than 70% per month and its reliability is more than 75%