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Minutes of Grid Operations Meeting 31 January 2011

24 participants

Mario David, Dimitris Zilaskos , Alessandro Paolini , Drazen Zujovic , Joao Pina , Anders Wäänänen, Ulf Tigerstedt, Henrik Thostrup Jensen, Kyriakos Ginis, Riccardo Murri, Michaela Lechner, John Walsh, Marcin Radecki, Mathilde Romberg, Peter Solagna, Vera Hansper, Luuk Uljee, Małgorzata Krakowian, Tomas Kouba, Jacques Garnier, Emir Imamagic, Ron Trompert, Alex Stanciu, Stuart Purdie

1. Information, MW releases and Staged rollout (Mario)

1.1 The detailed agenda and minutes will be in the wiki, and additionally in Indico, as suggested in the last meeting by Tiziana.

1.2 In staged rollout

1.2.1 glite 3.1: LFC no EA. DPM 1 EA has found problems, a memory leak does anyone want to try it also.

1.2.2 glite 3.2: VOMS 1 EA performing the test LFC Oracle 1 EA performing the test LFC mysql 1 EA performing the test L&B 1 EA performing the test

1.3 Information (Mário):

1.3.1 Gathering of requirements for EMI 2.0 - deadline is 10 February Middleware requirements Nagios requirement SA1 Survey.

1.3.2 EMI 1.0 (release date is 30 April 2011): Major changes with respect to the current situation - I deeply advise that you all take a very close look at Alberto di Meglio's presentation in the last OMB. Main points: MW will be installed in standard OS locations (like /usr /etc) instead of /opt. No upgrade path is supported, only install from scratch. Only scheduled major releases, no formal minor or revision releases, any product team may release at will, the only guarantee is backward compatibility within each major release. Change to EPEL repository, drop DAG repo, for all external dependencies. Use Globus from EPEL instead of the one distributed with VDT.

1.3.3 When EMI 1.0 is released, the current MW versions glite 3.2 and in principle ARC 0.8 will be supported until EMI 2.0 is released (due 30 April 2012). At any given time only 2 major releases are supported, the current one and the previous one. The major changes stated by A. di Meglio will imply a major peak of effort for the staged rollout and Early Adopter sites. I have an RT ticket #1012 where comments and information is expected from the EAs about the impact they expect.

2. Operational issues (all):

2.1 Batch system support/integration into the MW and in EMI in particular (Mario). EMI does not include the batch system integration. Issue of the best effort support.

  • Stuart Purdie asked clarification if this was for all batch systems.
  • Mario: not included in EMI, Condor by PIC, Torque/Maui by Nikhef, SGE by CESGA LIP and Imperial.

2.2 dteam VO (Dimitris Zilaskos): CERN dteam VOMS has been shut down on 26th January as it was announced. Sites notified to remove CERN configuration completely at their earliest convenience (non critical operation) .

  • Mario: quattor sites are already updated?
  • Dimitris: next time they run the config will be OK.

3. Operational Tools (Emir):

3.1 SAM Release coming out this week, new features, update09 this week to staged rollout:

3.1.1 Central MyEGI instance (equivalent to SAM portal)

3.1.2 ATP improvements, contributed by NDGF: Support for robot certificates (SAM-952) Support for uncertified sites (SAM-1143)

3.2 New task forces, please contribute in order to make operational tools better:

3.2.1 Tool regionalization use cases: for the definition of a few key use cases of integration between regionalized tools to be presented to JRA1 developers. Coordinator: Peter Solagna <>

3.2.2 UNICORE integration task force: to discuss various integration issues, possibly in collaboration with EMI, to advance in this area. PL-GRID and NGI_DE are interested in participate together with J. Gordon for TSA1.5 and M Lechner for interoperations activities under TSA1.3. Coordinator: Michaela Lechner <>, see also current poll: [1]. Michaela: points to the meeting being organized by Interoperations as startup of the task force for UNICORE integration.

  • Mario: asks about the cream probes and it’s inclusion for the A/R calculations.
  • Emir: this is on the side of WLCG, they developed gridviwe and ace. WLCG wants to phase out lcg-CE soon after April. CREAM will be included

around March. Information deadlines. Have multiple profiles in ACE, which will permit to have different profiles, and will permit A/R of core services.

3.3 Nagios plugins feedback for EMI needed, please provide input. Instructions are here: OMB#February_2011

4. COD issues (Malgorzata, Luuk): No issues this week. Previous unresponsive NGIs have answered and solved the issues.

5. AOB: Next meeting: Monday 14 February 2011, 14h00 Amsterdam time

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