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Introduction to MTF

This EGI Wiki section constitutes a working Wiki through which MAPPER, PRACE and EGI InSPIRE projects will coordinate the activities of a jointly formed MAPPER-PRACE-EGI Task Force (MTF). The first page (this page) was administered on a day to day basis by EGI (Richard McLennan).

All MTF members have a responsibility to contribute to the information recorded in these pages so as to help compile as full a picture as possible.

The MAPPER project (Multiscale APPlications on EuRopean e-infrastructures) aims to deploy a computational science environment for distributed multiscale computing, on and across European e-infrastructures. In order to further the project’s aim, MAPPER initiated a collaboration with PRACE (PaRtnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) and with EGI InSPIRE (Integrated Sustainable Pan-European Infrastructure for Researchers in Europe) in May 2011. During an initial meeting between the 3 project teams held in May 2011 (Minutes of meeting), it was determined that as a first step, 2 applications should be integrated over the forthcoming 6 months to perform distributed multiscale computing and thus be used to promote the projects; the selected applications cover in 'stent restenosis' and 'nano material science'. This represented an important stage as MAPPER moved forwarda towards becoming part of the sustainable infrastructure used by the scientific communities at large. The coordination of activities relevant to this collaboration was/will be performed via an expressly formed Task Force comprising specialists from each of the 3 organisations.

This page captures the activites and documents relevant to the 1st phase of the jointly formed 'Task Force' which concluded at the end of 2011. Phase 2 of MTF activity can be found here.


The short term goal of the taskforce is a rapid prototyping (fast track development) of two distributed multiscale computing applications, to be delivered by the end of the first year of the MAPPER project (September 2011).

  • One application, in-stent restenosis, is an example of a tightly coupled multi-scale simulation, and comes from the University of Amsterdam.
    • Hannan Tahir and Dr. Carles Bona Casa will start to use this application for production runs once it is available.
  • The other application, nano-materials science, is a loosely-coupled multiscale simluation from the University College Londen.
    • James Suther will use this to start production runs after delivery.

MAPPER will deliver a set of core middleware services (QosCosGrid) and application tools (MUSCLE and GridSpace) to allow users to run and control distributed multiscale applications using both EGI and PRACE resources. MAPPER will perform various loosely coupled and tightly coupled distributed application tests and benchmarks.

After this first phase the MAPPER project moves into the deep track development period, in which services will be further tailored for production environments, where other applications are ported to the MAPPER environment, and where programming and execution tools become available. It is anticipated that the taskforce will keep active, but its goals and planning should be defined, for instance at the MAPPER all hands meeting in Poznan in October. It is anticipated that both EGI and PRACE will support new core infrastructure services and application tools provided by MAPPER to allow external users to benefit from new computing capabilities and application tools provided in e-Infrastructure.

MTF Clarification documents & messages (Phase 1 May to Dec 2011)

For additions, deletions and changes to this page please contact Richard McLennan <> or Krzysztof Kurowski <>

This opening section of the MAPPER MTF Wiki contains links to documents that minute key actions, instructions and decisions that have been recorded during discussions and meetings.

  • MoU - EGI-MAPPER Memorandum of Understanding completed 1/8/2011 (EGI-MAPPER MoU)
  • Specification - MAPPER Core Components - Descriptions, System Requirements, Security etc (Components page)
  • MAPPER/EGI e-mail dated 30 Nov 11 - Continuation of EGI/MAPPER/PRACE Task Force (e-mail message)
  • Slide with MAPPER Timeline showing middle-ware evolution with addition of Application tools (MAPPER Slide)
  • Presentation "Multiscale Application on European e-Infrastructures" dated 1 April 2011 (Slides)
  • MAPPER presentation "Introduction to Service Activities" dated 24/11/11 (WP5 Slides)
  • MAPPER presentation "WP6: e-Infrastructure Operations" dated 24/11/11 (WP6 Slides)


The MTF has been resourced for 6 months, ie the MTF should conclude its work by the end of November. Key dates are set out beneath:

Date Activity Remarks
13 May 11 Initial meeting of partners MAPPER/PRACE/EGI
1 Jun 11 Formation of Task Force
21 June 11 Informal gathering at ISC11 in Hamburg MAPPER/PRACE - EGI connected via Skype
4-6 Jul 11 Meeting in Cracow
22nd July PRACE identify a list of machines that will be used for the first MAPPER review - SARA PRACE - SARA
29th July PRACE relevant documents must be signed by MAPPER users (Derek Groen and Joris Borgdorff) and approved by SARA to proceed with the remote access for application testing PRACE - SARA
29th July MAPPER delivers a list of descriptions and installation guides of our fast track (MUST HAVE) components for the internal PRACE assessment process. If possible appropriate RPMs will be created for some components, otherwise the installation process will be based on sources. MAPPER / PRACE
12 Sept PRACE will finish the assessment process of MAPPER services and tools. In the meantime, Axel will inform Chris in case additional documents or support activities are required from MAPPER. In case PRACE can not install MAPPER services and/or tools, an another f2f meeting between MAPPER and PRACE must be scheduled. MAPPER/PRACE
TBC Install new software components in SARA:
      - on a head node: QosCosGrid-Computing
      - on working nodes: MUSCLE library
TBC monitor and check the availability of new software components PRACE
TBC PRACE to support end-users requests and report problems to the MAPPER mailing list PRACE
Report further recommendations
24/25 Nov MTF Project Stage achievements Review Formal assessment that objectives have been achieved.
30 Nov 11 Task Force concludes
Present MAPPER application requirements to PRACE & EGI InSPIRE
May 2012 potential PRACE User Forum Derek Groen (UCL-MAPPER) to represent.

Composition of MTF – Roles and Responsibilities:

The activity to be undertaken via the MTF will ultimately have a wide impact throughout the communities of computation and scientific research and as such, there will need to be a clear understanding of a number of organisational issues: who defines what is required, who provides the budget/resources, who authorises changes, who manages day to day work and who defines the standards to be met. Answers to these questions will emerge as planning progresses.

In the first instance, the MTF is to be made up from members of each of the 3 participating Projects and will also include expert representatives from the 2 selected Applications. During the course of the investigation the MTF will necessarily call on additional support from within each of the Projects but this should be merely for the provision of expert technical information and clarification. Details of MTF members and key personalities are listed beneath.

Last Name First Name email mail list Affiliation Project Role:
Hoekstra Alfons UvA MAPPER MAPPER Project Director
Kurowski Chris Yes PSNC MAPPER MTF Leader
Groen Derek Yes UCL MAPPER MTF - MAPPER/PRACE info exchange
Zasada Stefan Yes LMU MAPPER MTF
Saverchenko Ilya Yes LRZ/LMU MAPPER MTF
Suter James Yes LMU MAPPER MTF
Rycerz Katarzyna Yes Cyfronet MAPPER MTF
Mamoński Mariusz Yes PSNC MAPPER MTF
Borgdorff Joris Yes UvA MAPPER MTF
Brewer Steve Yes EGI-Inspire MTF & Chief Community Officer
McLennan Richard Yes EGI-InSPIRE MTF - Coordination
Axner Lilit KTH PRACE
Bona Casas Carles UvA MAPPER
Carteni Gabriele BSC PRACE
Donners John SARA PRACE
Erbacci Giovanni Cineca PRACE
Fiameni Giuseppe Cineca PRACE
Groen Derek UCL MAPPER
Hoekstra Alfons UvA MAPPER MAPPER Project Director
Lorenz Eric UvA MAPPER
Michielse Peter NWO PRACE
Simpson Alan EPCC PRACE
Sipos Gregely Yes EGI-Inspire Senior User Community

Support Officer

Pointek Tomasz Yes MAPPER QosCosGrid
Bosak Bartosz Yes MAPPER QosCosGrid