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Title Publication to information system
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Procedure Statement This manual provides information on how to publish to information system (BDII).
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This manual explains how to enable publishing to the information system (BDII) from non-gLite middleware - specifically ARC, Unicore, Globus and QCG.


Instruction for ARC >=3.x can be found here (still not production quality )


Publishers for GRAM, GridFTP and gsissh have been provided by the EGCF (formerly IGE) project. The latest version is in

  • globus-info-provider-service-0.2.0-2.noarch.rpm
  • globus-yaim-core-0.2.0-2.noarch.rpm

in the EGCF (IGE) repository. At present the only documentation is inside the package.

Installation hints

In order to install and configure the globus information provider, you should first install siteBDII provided by EMI/UMD. Some hints can be found on the EMI pages.

The next step is to install the above mentioned globus packages. The YAIM targets for configurating the service providers are BDII_GLOBUS_GRAM5, BDII_GLOBUS_GRIDFTP and BDII_GLOBUS_GSISSH. The YAIM package contains example .def files to start with in the examples folder of yaim (${YAIMROOT}/glite/yaim/examples/).

Further information can be found in the README files located in the folders /usr/share/doc/globus-info-provider-service/ and /usr/share/doc/globus-yaim-core/.



The Instruction how to configure UNICORE to publish to EGI Information system can be found under:

Important: The feature is available in the very latest stable version of unicore/x, that is 6.6.0-p4, it is not a part of UMD yet. Therefore the site administrators either have to wait until the suitable release is there (in UMD) or download it directly from the unicore's sourceforge file server.

Revision History

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