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Service intervention management

DISCLAIMER: This manual obsoletes the previous EGEE version maintained on CERN EDMS

Title Service intervention management
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Last modified 19 August 2014
Policy Group Acronym OMB
Policy Group Name Operations Management Board
Contact Group
Document Status Approved
Approved Date EGEE approved (Oct 2009)
Procedure Statement This manual provides information on how to manage service interventions.
Owner Owner of procedure

Service Intervention

A service intervention is defined as an action which will involve or lead to the possibility of a loss, or noticeable degradation of a service. Depending on the planning of the outage, we have two types of intervention:

  1. Scheduled interventions: planned and agreed in advance
  2. Unscheduled interventions: unplanned, usually triggered by an unexpected failure

How to manage an intervention

Interventions are recorded through the GOCDB. For more information, have a look at the description

Scheduled interventions

  • Scheduled interventions MUST be declared at least 24 h in advance, specifying reason and duration.
  • Existing scheduled interventions CAN be extended, provided that it’s done 24 hours in advance.

Unscheduled interventions

  • Any intervention declared less than 24 h in advance will be considered unscheduled.
  • Sites MUST declare unscheduled interventions as soon as they are detected to inform the users. Unscheduled interventions CAN be declared up to 48 hours in the past (retroactive information to the user community)

Required information

The required information to fill in when declaring an intervention are:

  • Severity (Outage or Warning)
  • Description
  • Timezone
  • Starting and ending dates
  • Affected site / Affected services and endpoints


  • For interventions that impact end users, the downtime SHOULD be declared 5 working days in advance, specifying reason and duration.
  • A post−mortem SHOULD be included in the downtime report.


intervention notifications (through broadcasts, RSS feeds, etc) as specified in the following procedures are automatically sent when declaring a downtime in GOCDB: at declaration time, 24 h in advance and 1 h before the intervention.

Suspension policy

Sites on downtime for more than 1 month will be suspended/uncertified. AT_RISK downtime declarations are only for providing warnings to users, and are ignored for calculating site availability (actual status will be used).

Revision History

Version Authors Date Comments
A. Paolini 2016-10-31 Added required information paragraph and a link to downtimes description; changed the contact group to operations.
M. Krakowian 2014-08-19 Change contact group -> Operations support