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EGI now offers an easy-to-use platform for researchers to access compute, storage and application services.

This page provides information about the 'EGI Science Applications on-demand' infrastructure, hereafter referred to as the Infrastructure.

The Infrastructure is designed to support the long tail of science. The long-tail of science refers to the individual researchers and small laboratories who - opposed to large, expensive collaborations - do not have access to dedicated computational resources and online services to manage and analyse large amount of data. The Platform allows individual researchers and small research teams to reuse, develop and share compute and data-intensive applications and simulations on large, distributed networks of computers in a user friendly way.

What does this Infrastructure offer ?

The Platform integrates the following types of resources and services:

Who can access the Infrastructure ?

The Platform is open for any researcher who needs a simple and user-friendly access to compute, storage and applications services in order to carry out data/compute intensive science and innovation. You need to be affiliated with, or at least have a partner (for example a referee), at a European research institution to qualify for access. The platform support team through their national network validates user requests.

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