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Page contains list of sites which are not publishing UserDN  due to law issue

NGIs/sites which cannot publish UserDN due to the law issue. 

How to proceed in case of law issue:

1. VO managers will be informed about the policy restrictions in place in Serbia. If user DN publication is deemed mandatory by their VO and the AUP does not mention yet that, they will be requested to update the AUP.

2. Serbia will not publish user DNs, I will inform Steven Newhouse and the council through him, at least until the implementation of the APEL publisher with the feature of stripping out the Common Name from the user DN is not available. I will submit a requirement for this.

NGI Master Ticket Site Comment
NGI_RO 88648
  • After several discussions with the legal department it was concluded that,

according to the 677/2001 law, the publishing of the user DN data could be

allowed only with the written consent of the user.


(whole NGI)

  • AEGIS04-KG
Due to privacy protection laws, we are not permitted to publish User DNs