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Progress of SA1 issues

Nothing new to report


  • MS421: waiting for external reviews to be submitted. Feedback expected on Wed 12/09.
  • D4.6 new ToC decided, chapters under editing

SA1.1 Activity Management

Meetings: f2f JRA1 meeting in Karlsruhe, ENVRI meeting (Edimburgh), Federated Cloud Task Force

  • Preparing the information system workshop agenda for the Technical Forum
  • review of GLUE 2 EGI profile, discussion of software version publication with WLCG
  • assessment of desktop infrastructures being run in production
  • assessment of the status of the Federated Cloud information system
  • Chaired EGI Operations Meeting and agenda preparation
  • Preparation of the AAI workshop in collaboration with SA2.5
  • Final tuning of the middleware track and operations track for the TF2012
  • Follow up of the currently monitored vulnerabilities
  • Follow up of one issue with the accounting system for sites with hybrid middleware (gLite-ARC)

SA1.2 Security

  • Run SSC6, security drill using VO-CMS resources, including EGI, WLCG and OSG sites.
  • Prepare for TF 2012 (CSIRT meeting and security training)
  • SVG - discussion of a new vulnerability

SA1.3 Staged rollout

SA1.3 Integration

SA1.4 Central tools

SA1.5 Accounting

  • Deployed test consumers and databases for XML versions of CAR and StAR.
  • Participated in unicore and globus interoperations meetings.
  • Reinvigorated testing of SSM publishing from Italy, SGAS (SWITCH and Finland), and MAPPER.
  • SWITCH publishing their SGAS to APEL has highlighted an issue with sites publishing by multiple routes. One site runs and ARC CE published via SGAS and a CREAM CE published via apel client. Solution will appear but need a temporary workaround.

SA1.6 Helpdesk

Kickoff of GGUS advisory group

SA1.7 Support

grid oversight

  • COD phone conf
  • Ticket handling
  • preparations for TF12

network support

I have further proceeded in the IPv6 testing of DPM server and already published a first part of the outcome on the report section of the wiki on


I also have started installing and configuring both WMS server and LFC file catalogue

I just started as well to test CREAM CE and report on IPv6TestReportGliteCreamCE

software support

There are no particular issues to report on the normal DMSU workload.

DMSU tickets flow Sept 2-8
assigned 6
back to tpm 1
reassigned to 3rd level 5
solved 5

open DMSU tickets status
assigned 1
in progress 4
waiting for reply 10
on hold 7

No news yet on the TPM-DMSU merge. Unfortunately, preparation of EGI TF organization takes considerable amount of time in these weeks.

SA1.8 Availability and core services

  • Reviewed comments received for EGI OLA
  • Published the EGI Availability and Reliability Reports for August 2012


  • review of site certification procedure to meet requirements from UNICORE and GLOBUS
  • review of draft procedure for site renaming
  • extension of MAN01 for publication of GLUE 2 information into site BDII (work in progress)
  • review of VO registration procedure, taking into account EGI CSIRT input


EUDAT conference, October 2012, Barcelona