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The ApplicationHandle class is an extension to ApplicationEnvironment for applications which need to be set up in some way before they can be used. For each supported setup method a string MAY be specified, the interpretation of which is specific to the method - in the simplest case this could just be a setup script to execute. A single Application MAY support multiple setup methods.

Note: The OGF Glue 2 Specification defines the ApplicationHandle_t as an open numeration, with values of:

  • executable
  • module
  • Path
  • softenv

Presently no information is published in the BDII that uses this Class. However, it may be seen as a very good way to correctly bootstrap the environment for the users job. If we choose to look at using the ApplicationHandle Class, we need some easy way for each instance to be be created using yaim etc.

Entity Inherits from Description
ApplicationHandle Entity The description of a technique for bootstrapping and/or accessing an application environment.
Inherited Attribute Type Mult Unit Description
Creation Time DateTime_t 0..1 Timestamp describing when the entity instance was created
Validity Unit64 0..1 s The duration after CreationTime that the information presented in the Entity SHOULD be considered relevant. After that period has elapsed, the information SHOULD NOT be consideredrelevant
ID [key] URI 1 A global unique ID
Name String 0..1 Human Readable name
OtherInfo String * Placeholder to publish info that does not fit in any other attribute. Free-form string, comma-separated tags, (name, value ) pair are all examples of valid syntax.
Attribute Type Mult Unit Description
Type ApplicationHandle_t 1 The type of method used to set up this application environment.
Value String 1 A string which defines how to set up this application in the context of the setup method specified by the Type
Association End Mult. Description
ApplicationEnvironment.ID 1 An application handle MAY be used for one application environment.
Inherited Association End Mult. Description
Extension.Key * The entity MAY be extended via key-value pairs