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Overall architecture

Following EGI requirements, Grid Operations Database release 4 (GOCDB4) acts as a service deployed and available both at central and local level. While "regional GOCDBs" can be installed and maintained by regions, NGIs or local grids, a central module will gather this information and provide it to any tool or user that needs a central view of EGI resources and related information.

[GOCDB4] comes along in two flavors, a read-only [GOCDB4 Central Visualisation Portal] and a writeable [GOCDB4 Input System].

Internal architecture and components

In the overall architecture described above, regional and central modules are built exactly the same way. They come as a set of components that can be deployed and configured to act as a central or local service.

GOCDB4 comprises of the following core components:

  • A database schema
  • Internal components Allowing for business logic
  • A set of interfaces that provide access to the database to any other component

Database and schema

The PROM concept

GOCDB4 data schema is designed in an object fashion. This object model is implemented at database level using a methodology known as Pseudo-Relational Object Model (PROM). This model, designed and architected by Peter Colclough, is described at GOCDB/PROM.

GOCDB4 data schema


I/O and Business Logic components

I/O XML interfaces to the database

  • generic access software
  • specifically formatted (link to http://goc.grid.sinica.edu.tw/gocwiki/PROM_XML_Data_Format , obsolete)


The general idea is to keep interfaces to GOCDB4 and data exchange formats as standard as possible. A basic set of well defined interfaces will allow for the following:

  • Data exchange between GOCDB4 and User Interfaces, portals and displays
  • Internal communication between GOCDB4 modules
  • Communication between central GOCDB4 module and external regional modules
  • Communication between GOCDB4 modules and third-party tools

REST interface (GOCDBPI)


More information


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