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Customising GOCDB-4.0d1


GOCDB-4.0d1 is the first development release of GOCDB-4. The aim of this release is to allow regions that will potentially adopt GOCDB-4 to perform an early evaluation of the project.

There are many aspects of the system that can be changed through configuration files, some of the more common operations are covered here.

Configuring the Web Portal Menu

The web portal draws the left hand menu based on the contents of an XML file:

  • /opt/GOC4/config/web_portal/menus.xml

Example menus.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <name>Site List</name>
   <name>Help And Contact</name>

The "Add Menu Items" link of the web portal can be used to add new items to this list and will perform any additional configuration necessary to support the particular link being added.

Each menu item is a child of <menus><main_menu> so removing a link from the main menu is as simple as deleting the specific child of <menus><main_menu>. Note that for many menu items there are other settings that may need removing. However the system is designed such that these other configuration items can safely be left without affecting other aspects of the system's operation.

Selecting Fields Shown in a Web Portal Table

See: GOCDB/Selecting_Fields_Shown_in_a_Web_Portal_Table