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GGUS wiki / GGUS Documentation

GGUS-MoU Values

For submitting TEAM or ALARM tickets for WLCG VOs selecting a value in field "MoU Area" is mandatory. MoU values are depending on the tier level a site belongs to.

Tier 0

  • Raw data recording
  • Event reco or distribution of data to Tier-1 Centres
  • Networking services to Tier-1 centres
  • All other tier-0 services

Tier 1

  • Acceptance of data from the Tier-0 centre
  • Networking service to the Tier-0 centre
  • Data-intensive analysis services, including networking to T0,T1 centres outside
  • All other tier-1 services

Tier 2

  • End user analysis facility
  • Other Services

Tier 3

  • not applicable