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GGUS wiki / GGUS Documentation


For CMS VO GGUS provides a customized view. This customized view offers a set of CMS internal support groups that can be involved in the ticket processing. These CMS internal support groups are listed below. They are not visible for non-CMS people using the generic GGUS view. They can only be set during ticket submit.

CMS AAA - WAN Access
CMS Analysis Operations
CMS CAF Operations
CMS Central CERN Services
CMS Computing Operations
CMS Dashboard
CMS Datatransfers
CMS DMWM Development
CMS Frontier & Squid
CMS Glidein Factory
CMS GlideinWMS
CMS HammerCloud
CMS Online Cloud
CMS Site Readiness
CMS Site Support
CMS Submission Infrastructure
CMS SW Deployment
CMS Tier-0 Operations
CMS US Security
CMS US Tier3
CMS Volunteer Computing
CMS VOadmin
CMS Workflows
CMS Web Tools