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Federated Cloud Users Feedback and open issues

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Feedback and open issues

The EGI Federated Cloud is provided by members of the EGI-InSPIRE project and evolves according to the feedback received from its user communities. Current and potential users of the EGI Federated Cloud are interviewed on a regular basis and asked to provide feedback about the capabilities of the EGI cloud and tell us about their requirements concerning improvement of the platform and the related support services. the known requirements are listed in the table below.

Date of registration Feedback/requirement Submitter/Use case Further information
14/5/2014 VMcatcher test on sites Use of images from AppDB (Gergely Sipos, VMCatcher insatllation is required on a cloud site to use VM images from the Applications Database. The VMcatcher should be tested during site certification, and later on a regular basis with a specific monitoring probe.
15/5/2014 Graphical presentation of user workflow Isabel Campos (Gergely Sipos, It would help a graphical representation of the steps needed, at the beginning somewhere here: Federated_Cloud_user_support
20/5/2014 Information for users of high level brokers of the EGI FedCloud Gergely Sipos, Information is missing from the user wiki and mostly also from the broker websites about how to use these brokers on the EGI Federated Cloud. The processes should be captured for each broker in a similar way how it is already provided for rOCCI access at
28/5/2014 Publish VMs created using contextualisation on the Cloud Marketplace in the appDB Diego Scardaci, Some use cases are using VMs created on the fly through contextualisation scripts. Currently, the Cloud Marketplace in the appDB doesn't offer a mechanism to publish these VMs. So, many VMs already available in the EGI FedCloud are not published in the Cloud Marketplace yet. Considering the FedCloud is pushing users to exploit a so powerful feature as the contextualisation, we need to add soon this functionalty on the appDB otherwise we will have in a near future only basic VMs, with only the OS, in the Cloud Marketplace.
9/6/2014 Creating storage with the rOCCI client Diego Scardaci, I tried to create a big storage (1-2 TB) using the rOCCI client. The command has successfully completed but the just created storage was offline ( = offline).

Old items:

Feedback/requirement Submitter/Use case Further information
Availability (reliable web service with option for a local installation) CLARIN/BNCweb Slide 11:
Scalability of compute resources CLARIN/BNCweb Slide 11:
Persistence (user workspace records, e.g. saved searches) CLARIN/BNCweb Slide 11:
Flexible options for the access and authorization layer (basic auth / local SSO / Shibboleth) CLARIN/BNCweb Slide 11:
Access to the VM (Web interface is a plus, but having a CLI not an obstacle) WeNMR EGI TF 2012 Demo
VM sharing must be restricted (licensed software bundled in the image) WeNMR EGI TF 2012 Demo
DCI based images registered in the Cloud marketplace (ARC, gLite [UI, VOMS, WMS, CREAM CE], UNICORE, GT2/4/5, PBS, LSF, BOINC) SCI-BUS/WS-PGRADE
Cloud resources where these images can be deployed SCI-BUS/WS-PGRADE The testbed operated by members of the EGI Federated Cloud Task Force can be used for the use case. Further information at Fedcloud-tf:UserCommunities#How_to_get_access_to_the_TF_test_bed.3F
Unified access mechanism to the cloud (all sites should have the same authorization requirements, which will simplify the access procedure) SCI-BUS/WS-PGRADE The unified access protocols of the FedCloud testbed are listed at Fedcloud-tf:UserCommunities#Interfaces_and_protocols, the protocol to obtaining access to the testbed is centralised through the User Community Support Team of and is described at Fedcloud-tf:UserCommunities#How_to_get_access_to_the_TF_test_bed.3F.
Cloud sites description should have relevant info such as: accepted hypervisors, network access SCI-BUS/WS-PGRADE The list of hypervisors used on the testbed sites are available in a table at Fedcloud-tf:UserCommunities#Sites_overview_table.

Information about network capabilities still need to be collected.

Documentation for experts on how to deploy virtual appliances is welcome SCI-BUS/WS-PGRADE
Cloud marketplace to store relevant images SCI-BUS/WS-PGRADE
Cloud marketplace images should be stripped to the minimum set of packages SCI-BUS/WS-PGRADE
Clear policies about the cloud marketplace sustainability (who will maintain the images?) SCI-BUS/WS-PGRADE
Virtual image registered in the marketplace Vladimir Viro/Peachnote
Ability to upgrade this image easily Vladimir Viro/Peachnote
Network stability from inside the VM Vladimir Viro/Peachnote
Data extraction from inside the VM will be needed (file I/O, storage space, …) GAIA
Scalability of compute resources (load balancing) GAIA
Enable people to upload apps and run them against data in VMs GAIA