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DIRAC has started a collaboration with EGI.eu to offer an open service to the european e-Infrastructure. This service is pilot by several communities of different fields: Astrophysics, Life-Science, Engineering, etc. and will then be offered to others as single access point to all kind of distributed computing and storage resources in Europe and beyond.

VMDIRAC is the DIRAC extension to integrate Federated Clouds in a transparent manner to the user. DIRAC 4 EGI portal integrates EGI Fedcloud infrastructures. Users registered at Fedcloud VO are automatically included in DIRAC 4 EGI service, by default they are included in the fedcloud_user DIRAC group.

DIRAC offers job and infrastrucutre brokering services allowing a transparent access to the resources.

Access to the services:

VMDIRAC uses, by default, EGI SL6 Mini as golden image and automatic configuration for each cloud site and user runnning context. Image contextualization is transparent for the user. If a particular software stack is not supported in SL6, then it is necessary to prepare an specific deployment. A single context method is used for all sites and user specifics, taking advantage of cloudinit image setup to run DIRAC VMs.

Please have a look to VMDIRAC users FAQs.

Current DIRAC 4 EGI / VMDIRAC Status

Additional Documentation

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