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General Information

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  • contact: Gergely Sipos /
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Short Description

WS-PGRADE is a portal environment for the development, execution and monitoring of workflows and workflow based parameter studies on different Distributed Computing Infrastructures (DCI). The tool is developed by an open consortium lead by MTA SZTAKI, member of the Hungarian NGI. WS-PGRADE is used by various scientific collaborations and support teams in Europe and beyond. WS-PGRADE is interfaced with Service Grids (gLite, UNICORE, ARC, Globus), Desktop Grids (BOINC) and cluster (PBS, LFS) middleware through the elements of the gUSE service stack. WS-PGRADE and gUSE are actively used and further developed in the SHIWA and SCI-BUS FP7 projects.

Use Case

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