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This Wiki entry describes the planned demonstration at Cloudscape V in Brussels (see FCTF Outreach section).

Demonstration script

  1. Check GOGDB for available Cloud endpoints
    1. --> demonstrates information system
  2. Check Nagios/SAM for status
    1. --> demonstrates monitoring
  3. Look up the image on the Marketplace
    1. --> demonstrate VM distribution and endorsement
    2. --> demonstrate vmcatcher based image distribution
  4. using rOCCI client, deploy a number of WeNMR instance on selected RPs
    1. --> federated consistent access using OCCI
    2. tentative RPs: INFN, JUELICH, GWDG, CESNET, CESGA, Cyfronet, In2P3
    3. refer to WeNMR page for info on this demo phase
  5. Go to the accounting page
    1. --> demonstrate that we account for Cloud compute consumption


rOCCI client

Get rOCCI client

This was quite a hassle for MAC OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion). I finally managed getting rOCCI client running natively on Mac OS X - here is how I did it.

Action rOCCI team - document usage on Mac OS X (issue filed on Github) (see

rOCCI client and my Grid certificate

After sorting out the issues with Ruby and rOCCI client (see above), the certificate handling wasn't a problem anymore. However, I stand with my request to support PKCS#12 format for key and cert storage as this is *very* widely supported and does not need people to mess with OpenSSL cmd line hacking to get the authN sorted.

Any browser and OS key management supports PKCS#12 key management - no command line private key messing involved!

Action - Please document in easy steps the whole process of acquiring a Grid certificate and how to configure command line systems (for PEM support)

Getting started with client

Set up a couple of config scripts that make the command line very easy. See raw demo takes available at

For longer term, a rOCCI client config file will be helpful.

Action rOCCI team - Support config files with endpoint profiling (

RP status

Getting started with client

See rOCCI client configuration. Endpoint queries are stable and promising. Focusing on OCCI endpont queries.

Compute queries

The OCCI command is (omitting authentication parameters):

occi --endpoint $ENDPOINT --resource compute --action list

RP status
JUELICH, GRNET, IN2P3, IFCA all authentication errors
CYFRONET, INFN both no endpoint in GOCDB)

Compute instantiations

The OCCI command is (omitting authentication parameters):

occi --endpoint $ENDPOINT --resource compute --action create --mixin os_tpl#$TPL -t "title"

RP status
GRIF Fails to return resource identifier, no resource creatred
JUELICH, GRNET, IN2P3, IFCA all authentication errors
CYFRONET, INFN both no endpoint in GOCDB)


GocDB CA certificate

Add UK E Science certificate from the trust bundle into my browser config. For Mac OS X that translates to key chain access fun (for Google Chrome)

SAM / Monitoring

The SAM instance for FCTF is used:

My certificate is recognised, and the demo part for SAM is taken.


Done. Will take it, and cute the video to time shift.

VO support

No VO support for Cloudscape.