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General Information

  • Status: Assessed
  • Start Date: 06/10/2014
  • End Date: -
  • EGI.eu contact: Diego Scardaci / diego.scardaci@egi.eu, Enol Fernandez / enol.fernandez@egi.eu
  • External contact: Mark Stillwell / m.stillwell@imperial.ac.uk

Short Description

HARNESS, Hardware and Network-Enhanced Software Systems for Cloud Computing, is developing a new generation of cloud computing platforms that integrate heterogeneous hardware resources to provide vastly increased performance with reduced energy consumption and lower cost.

Use Case

The HARNESS project developed a PaaS to better exploit cloud resources. Aim of this use case is deploying the HARNESS PaaS on the EGI Federated Cloud to make it available for EGI users.

Additional Files