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General Information

  • Status: Production
  • Start Date: 01/05/2014
  • End Date: 31/07/2014
  • contact: Gergely Sipos /, Diego Scardaci /
  • External contact: Marios Chatziangelou /, Miroslav Ruda /, Steven Newhouse (EBI), Jenny Martin (EBI)

Short Description

In order to simplify the access to the AppDB service, the authentication system has been expanded with support for the eduGAIN federated AAI. The support for the Elixir/EBI’s Identity Provider is the first use case that is facilitated by this attempt, thus EBI users can directly accessing the AppDB service (and its sub-services) by using their EBI credentials. Of course, the work done on this area is not strictly for satisfying the EBI case, but in principal any federated or institutional identity provider which is member/part of the eduGAIN. In addition to the support for Elixir/EBI’s IdP through the eduGAIN, the AppDB has also been integrated with Perun, which actually acts as a VO attribute authority for the authenticated EBI users.

Use Case

Extend the EGI AppDB authentication system to support the Elixir/EBI’s Identity Provider.

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