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General Information

  • Status: Pre-production
  • Start Date: 03/03/2015
  • End Date: -
  • EGI.eu contact: Diego Scardaci / diego.scardaci@egi.eu, Enol Fernandez / enol.fernandez@egi.eu
  • External contact: Ginés Rubio Flores / grubio@ugr.es

Short Description

Use of CORSIKA software for shower simulation and OFFLINE software for reconstruction of detectors response.

Use Case

Running CORSIKA and OFFLINE in the EGI Federated Cloud.

Auger VO has produced a large number of files in EGI GRID infrastructure last five years. Interaction with GRID Storage Elements is necessary to access them, so the requirement of UMD on VM (see below). A setup centralized installations of CORSIKA and OFFLINE software on CVMFS is available at GRIDPP. The target is using it on a VM.


  • 1 VM
  • 2 cores and 8GB of RAM
  • about 4 GB of storage
  • Scientific Linux 6x
  • additional packages: UMD packages, CVMFS

Additional Files