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FAQ GGUS-Ticket-Search

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Easy GGUS ticket number search

Various possibilities of searching tickets in GGUS are described in this chapter. Please avoid searching for “all” tickets or “solved” tickets without any time-frame if not necessary for some reasons as these searches cause heavy load on the machine.

In your browsers location bar

Create a bookmark: with a keyword of "ggus" and then you just visit ggus 12345 in your location bar

Personalized GGUS ticket search via bookmarks

When you go to the GGUS ticket search engine and just click on the submit button "GO!" you will start a default search, which means that most of the search options are set to a neutral value like all, none or the value is not set and as such unaccounted for the ticket search. All the search parameters are passed via the "GET" method to the php script, with a long URL string like in your toolbar. You can modify the search for your needs by setting the appropriate fields in the search engine and clicking the “GO!” button. The search URL of this search can be added to your personal bookmarks.

This can be done by setting all the options according to your requirements. Example: You as a NGI manager want to see all open tickets of the last week within your NGI. In the result list you don’t want to see the “Resp. Unit” as this would always be the NGI_DE, so you take off the tick on top of the page at “Resp. Unit”. Add this URL to your bookmarks (ctrl + d) and label it appropriately, eg. "Open GGUS Tickets for my NGI".

For Firefox users

Install an Add-On e.g. “Add to search bar X.x”. Find more information on this Add-On in your firefox add-on manager.