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FAQ GGUS-Ticket-Priority

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How choose GGUS ticket priority values?

If you plan to adjust the ticket priority from the default value 'less urgent' to 'urgent', 'very urgent' or 'top priority' please make sure you add a justification for this change in the problem description field.

The following table will help you to find an appropriate priority value:

Priority Comment
top priority service interrupted; needs to be addressed as soon as possible
very urgent service degraded; no work-around available
urgent service degraded; work-around available
less urgent wishes and enhancements that are "nice to have"

In particular, be very economical when choosing 'top priority'. This value, when reaching the supporters via another ticketing system interface, might become a beep or phone alert even in the middle of the night. This level of support is ONLY committed by WLCG Tier0 and Tier1s and ONLY for ALARM tickets.

Finally, please be aware that the supporter who will try to solve your problem may change the value you have chosen to a more realistic one, putting his/her justification in the ticket's public diary.