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FAQ GGUS-Team-Tickets

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What is the purpose of team tickets?

The purpose of TEAM tickets is to allow all team members to modify all tickets of their team although they may not have support access and they do not have submitted the ticket themselves.

Who can submit team tickets?

Only members of the LHC and biomed VO teams are allowed to submit team tickets. They need to have the appropriate permissions in GGUS user database. This service is made for the LHC and biomed VOs so far and new comers should open a SL ticket to request this functionality and they should be ready to maintain their TEAMERs in VOMS by themselves.

How can team tickets be submitted?

Team tickets can be submitted by using the GGUS web portal.

Which sites are involved in the team tickets process?

All sites listed in GOCDB and OIM DB can be notified via team tickets.

Which VOs are participating?

Participating VOs are:

  • Alice,
  • Atlas,
  • Cms,
  • Lhcb,
  • Biomed,
  • Belle.

How are team tickets being processed?

Team tickets are routed to the NGI/ROC the site belongs to automatically. They do not need a routing by the TPM. The NGI/ROC is notified about the ticket in the usual way. In parallel the site receives a notification email. Detailed information is available in the GGUS FAQs.

How do I resolve team tickets?

For resolving team tickets please use the GGUS portal. A reference link is provided in the team email notification.

Where can I find out the contact persons of the VOs and WLCG tier 1 sites?

What documentation is available on team tickets?

What if I have questions which are not dealt with by this FAQ?

Please submit a GGUS ticket.