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FAQ GGUS-Notify-Multiple-Sites

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FAQ GGUS-Notify-Multiple-Sites

What is the purpose of the "Notify multiple sites" option?

Notifying multiple sites is a feature for submitting tickets with the same topic against an unlimited number of sites in GGUS.

Who can use the "Notify multiple sites" option?

This feature is an expert feature. It requires dedicated privileges for using it.

How can tickets to multiple sites be submitted?

There is a specific submit form linked from GGUS ticket submit area. In the "Notify SITE" drop-down menu sites can be checked for receiving a ticket.

Which sites are involved in the "Notify multiple sites" process?

All sites registered in GGUS can be notified using this option.

What documentation is available on the "Notify multiple sites" option?

No further documentation for now.

What if I have questions which are not dealt with by this FAQ?

Please submit a GGUS ticket.