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FAQ GGUS-Decommission-Support-Unit

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How can I decommission a Support Unit?

Decommissioning a Support Unit (SU) can be requested

All communication will be done using the ticket.

How can I decommission a VO?

Decommissioning a VO is done in the same way as decommissioning a support unit. Decommissioning a VO in GGUS means the VO is no longer using GGUS as ticketing system for providing support to their VO members. Nevertheless VO members are still allowed to submit tickets in GGUS.

Who will decide on the decommissioning request?

The decision on decommissioning a support unit is made within the GGUS team during the weakly phone conferences.

When will the decommissioning be done?

Usually the decommissioning of support units is done with the following release.

What happens with tickets still open for the SU being decommissioned?

The GGUS team check for tickets still open for the SU to be decommissioned and re-assigns them to another SU.

What happens with closed tickets for the SU?

All "solved" and "unsolved" tickets for the SU to be decommissioned will be set to status “closed”. This is necessary for avoiding re-opening such tickets as this would break work flows.

What if I have questions which are not dealt with by this FAQ?

Please submit a GGUS ticket or send an email to the GGUS team.