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Grid Administration FAQs page

This page is a repository for FAQs commonly raised by EGI site administrators. You may also want to check the Troubleshooting Guide.

Workload Management

  1. TS120: How to run CEs with the Torque/Maui manager installed on a different host
  2. TS121: How to stop WMS jobs flooding my site
  3. TS122: How to let jobs run in local scratch space on the WN
  4. TS123: How to reboot a CE without draining Torque queues
  5. TS124: How to block failing hosts in LSF
  6. TS125: How to allow monitoring of a WMS by the Real Time Monitor
  7. TS126: How to drain a CE
  8. TS127: How to set up multiple CEs at one site
  9. TS128: How to reserve CPU resource for monitoring jobs (SAM)
  10. TS129: How to limit the processes for a specific queue in Torque

Data Management

  1. TS150: How to put your SE in maintenance status
  2. TS24: LFC and DPM troubleshooting page

Information System

  1. MAN01: How to publish Site information
  2. HOWTO05: How to publish the OS name
  3. HOWTO06: How to publish the system architecture
  4. TS190: How to define values for SI00, HEP-SPEC, MaxCPUTime, MaxWallClockTime
  5. TS191: How to publish different memory limits for different queues on the same CE
  6. TS192: How does GStat count CPUs?
  7. TS193: How to publish queues with access restricted to a VOMS FQAN
  8. TS194: How to change my site name


  1. TS160: How to ban a user from your site
  2. TS170: VOMRS FAQ


  1. TS140: Which logs should I back up for accounting purposes?

General Problems

  1. TS200: Considerations for worker nodes on a private network

How to test your site

  1. TS180: How a site admin can test the ALARM ticket workflow