EGI Quality Criteria Release 4

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These release notes describe the fourth release of the Quality Criteria for UMD software.

They have been prepared with the comments from TP

EGI_Quality_Criteria_Testing contains detailed procedures for testing some of the criteria.

Detailed Changelog

  • Requirements from User Community
    • None
  • Requirements from Operations Community (especially software incidents found in production)
    • Review of criterion GENERIC_SERVICE_1 (from RT#1201)
    • Review of criterion GENERIC_SERVICE_2 (from RT#1357)
    • New Criteria related with VOMS (from RT #3278): ATTAUTH_ MGMT_6, GENERIC_DOC_10, GENERIC_DOC_11, GENERIC_SERVICE_7
    • New Criteria related wit WMS (from GGUS #78892): JOBSCH_WMS_BUG_2
    • New Criteria related with SHA-2 certificates and RFC proxy support: AUTHN_CRED_2, AUTHN_CRED_3.
  • Deficiencies in criteria found in Verification or Stage Rollout:
    • Removal of non testeable criteria: GENERIC_DIST_2, AUTHZ_ PDP_1, ACC_JOBSCH_1
    • Better definition of JOBEXEC_AVAIL_4
    • Review of GENERIC_DIST_3, included check for signed packages.
  • Recommendations and issues found by the Software Vulnerability Group:
    • None
  • Analysis of reference implementations of UMD Capabilities defined in the Roadmap:
    • None
  • Review and analysis of feedback from Technology Providers
    • Review of AuthZ & AuthN QC:
      • Changed AUTHZ_ PCYDEF_3 to not mandatory, better wording
      • Removal of AUTHZ_PEP_1
      • Review of the AUTHN_* and AUTHZ_* criteria.
    • Review from IGE: