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Checklist for authors

  • all text within << ... >> should be removed
  • all the text marked in yellow should be completed and the yellow background being removed

Page 1

    • DOCUMENT IDENTIFIER: the document identifier is dependent on the document type. If the document is:
      • Deliverable: Use the deliverable name: e.g. D1.1, D5.5, etc.
      • Milestone: Use the milestone name: e.g. MS102, MS504, etc.
      • Activity: Use the activity code: e.g. SA1, NA3, etc.
      • Committee/Board: Use an acronym based on the committee or board name: e.g. TCB, OMB, UCB, USAG, SPG, etc.
      • Other: If the source of the material cannot be identified then ignore this section.
    • REPOSITORY ID: this is the identification number generated by the document repository
    • VERSION: This is the version number generated by the document repository for the particular repository identifier
  • Document Link: the number is the REPOSITORY ID