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EGI Core activities:2013-bidding Operations support services

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  • Service name: Operations support services
  • Service category: Operations
  • Service type: Coordination, operation

Operations support services are auxiliary services needed by the Core Infrastructure Platform and by various operational activities of EGI.


Auxiliary services and activities are needed for the good running of Infrastructure Services. Examples of such services are VOMS service and VO membership management for infrastructural VOs (DTEAM, OPS), the provisioning of middleware services needed by the monitoring infrastructure (e.g. top-BDII and WMS), and catch-all services for emerging user communities and activities for service level management, service level reporting and service management in general.

Technical description

This service includes the following components.

DTEAM VO Membership management

VO Membership management service for the DTEAM VO needed to support infrastructure troubleshooting activities:

  • Daily running of the system
  • Provisioning of a high availability configuration

OPS VO Membership management

VO Membership management service for the OPS VO needed to run tests by the Service Availability Monitoring service:

  • Daily running of the system
  • Provisioning of a high availability configuration

Catch-all Certification Authority

For user authentication of users from emerging infrastructures that do not operate an on Certification Authority

Catch-all services for small or emerging user communities

Community platform services for small or emerging user communities including but not limited to VOMS, MyProxy, LFC, WMS and LB and top-level BDII. These services are also used for the certification of new resource centres that do not operate own ad-hoc services. This service requires:

  • Daily running of the systems
  • Provisioning of a high availability configuration

Central technical support

Central technical support to site administrators, NGI operators, operations staff and new user communities. Support is provided through various tools (the EGI helpdesk, discussion fora, mailing lists etc. depending on the needs) This includes

  • technical support to the operations activities
  • technical support to ROD teams through target training activities
  • coordination of technical working groups
  • technical support to new resource centres in their certification phase when requested by the Operations Centre because of lack of sufficient local expertise
  • certification and technical support for new infrastructures being integrated by providing assistance and training about EGI operations services, policies and procedures, and developing documentation as needed
  • coordination of the set-up of the VO services needed to start testing and production activities of new VOs

Service Level Management

This includes

  • the enforcement of service level violation policies at site, NGI and level
  • the maintenance of the EGI Operational Level Agreements
  • the automation of underperformance followup procedures
  • the management of the SAM profiles for availability/reliability computation and the evolution of the service level management framework of EGI

Service Reporting Management

This includes

  • the validation and distribution of service level reports for sites, NGIs, services, VOs

. the management of report re-computation requests

Defining service management processes for resource allocation and other operations services

  • training, communicating, adapting, enforcing these at an NGI level
  • defining requirements for the operations tools that generate from the provisioning of these new services


This activity is responsible for the coordination of activities with the operations team, the Operations Management Board and the User Community Board.

Service level targets