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The Message Broker Network is part of the EGI Core Infrastructure Platform which is needed to support the running of tools used for the daily operations of EGI.


The message broker network is a fundamental part of the operations infrastructure ensuring message exchange for monitoring, the operations dashboard and accounting. As such it is a critical infrastructure component whose continuity and high availability configuration must be ensured.

Technical description

The EGI Production Messaging Infrastructure serves as a backend infrastructure for EGI operational tools that need to use a message broking functionality (i.e. SAM infrastructure, APEL, the Operations Portal). It is a critical system and its topology needs to provide redundancy and to scale to support the message load produced by the operations tools.

This service includes the following components.


This activity is responsible for


Support through the EGI helpdesk of the process of message production, exchange and consumption. Support is provided to the operators of systems that rely of the EGI Message Broker Network capability.

Support hours: eight hours a day (for example 9-17 CE(S)T), Monday to Friday – excluding public holidays of the hosting organization.


Service level targets

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