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EGI Cloud Middleware Distribution schedule

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CMD-OS (CMD for OpenStack)

The release schedule for CMD-OS (CMD for OpenStack) depends on OpenStack release cycle, which is every 6 months. For each version of OpenStack, there will be in parallel a new release of CMD-OS, reflecting the official release schedule of OpenStack available at:

Release Status Release date Supported OS Supported OpenStack version Link
CMD-1.3.0 Released Feb 18th, 2020
CentOS7, Ubuntu 16 (Xenial) Mitaka and above Update
CMD-1.2.1 Released June 18th, 2018
CentOS7, Ubuntu 16 (Xenial) Mitaka and above Update
CMD-1.2.0 Released May 23th, 2018
CentOS7, Ubuntu 16 (Xenial) Mitaka and above Regular update
CMD-OS-1.1.2 Released June 21th, 2017 CentOS7, Ubuntu 16 (Xenial) Mitaka
adds the python-daemon package
CMD-OS-1.1.1 Released June 16th, 2017 Ubuntu 16 (Xenial) Mitaka Fixed cmd-release.
CMD-OS-1.1.0 Released June 16th, 2017
CentOS7, Ubuntu 16 (Xenial) Mitaka Regular update. Switching to Xenial. Also new SHA2 key will be used to sign packages.
CMD-OS-1.0.0 Released December 16th, 2016
CentOS7, Ubuntu 14.04 Mitaka
Regular update
CMD-OS-2.X.X Future Not scheduled
Ubuntu 18 (Bionic Beaver), CentOS7? Queens
Regular update

CMD-ONE (CMD for OpenNebula)

The release schedule for CMD-ONE (CMD for OpenNebula) depends on OpenNebula release cycle, available here:

Release Status Release date Supported OS Supported Cloud Platform Link Notes
CMD-ONE-1.1.0 Released
November 12, 2018
CentOS7* OpenNebula 5
Regular update
CMD-ONE-1.0.0 Released
September 21, 2017
CentOS7* OpenNebula 5
First release

[*] Ubuntu will be released with an update later.