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EGI CSIRT:Alerts/Xen-2015-04-15

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Title:       EGI Alert 'High' risk - Xen Vulnerability Hypervisor memory 

corruption due to x86 emulator flaw CVE-2015-2151  [EGI-ADV-20150415]

Date:        2015-04-15



Currently there is increasing use of the Xen hypervisor in the EGI infrastructure. 

Vulnerabilities for the Xen hypervisor are listed in [R 1]

One of these vulnerabilities CVE-2015-2151 (123 on the list, announced on 10th 

March 2015) we consider needs to be treated as 'High' risk.  


See [R 1] and [R 2]

Risk category

This issue has been assessed as 'High' EGI SVG Risk Assessment Team 


If sites are using the Xen hypervisor, and have not updated in the last month, 

they should update as soon as possible.


[R 1] Xen vulnerability list

[R 2]


2015-03-05 SVG alerted to Xen vulnerabilities list
2015-03-10 SVG alerted to further Xen vulnerabilities, including the one referred  

          to in this advisory
2015-03-11 Initial assessment made, few commented due to small number of people 
           in EGI SVG with expertise on Xen.
2015-04-14 Decision to send alert, as most experienced person considered it to be
          'high' risk 
2015-04-15 Alert sent to sites.