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EGI CSIRT:Alerts/Twiki-2014-10-31

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Title:       HEADS UP - 'High' RISK - Multiple sites report attempts to 
exploit CVE-2014-7236 affecting Twiki 

Date:        2014-10-31 


Multiple sites within the EGI and WLCG collaboration running Twiki have reported attempts to 
exploit CVE-2014-7236.  

This vulnerability concerns unauthenticated remote code execution, hence is a serious issue. 

This vulnerability has been fixed by the twiki team. 

Sites running twiki may like to ensure they have updated recently, for more information see: 


Although our usual activity is to handle security matters in the Grid and Cloud infrastructure, 
we are issuing this 'heads up' as many on these lists also run Twiki. 

From details in the above link:

It is possible to execute arbitrary Perl code by adding a debugenableplugins parameter with a specially crafted value. 


The TWiki site is vulnerable if you see a page with text "Vulnerable!". 

On behalf of the  EGI CSIRT and SVG, 

Sven Gabriel
Security Officer on Duty