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EGI-InSPIRE:JRA1 Glue2 Support

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Operational Tools Glue2.0 Support Status


  • GLUE2 XML rendering completed/agreed by WG, we plan to provide new PI methods that will render the GOCDB in GLUE2 XML format. The existing PI methods will remain unchanged. We are not planning to provide an LDAP/LDIF GLUE2 rendering.
  • GLUE2 XML now published OGF:
  • GOCDB will release a new set of PI methods that will render GOCDB data in GLUE2 xml after v5 release


  • On one side, we started the testing of the new GOCDBv5 and the issues found were reported. So we are waiting for GOCDB to provide the new testing instance in order to test the latest changes.
  • On the other side, SAM is using BDII to get the VO mapping information, so if BDII adopts GLUE2, a testing process, similar to the GOCDB one, needs to be started.

Operations Portal

  • Currently the ressource distribution browser, the AR Module are dependent from BDII through the use of Lavoisier
  • The changes will be implemented into Lavoisier
  • The tasks are registered into the list
  • The global work is estimated at 2 weeks of work for 1 FTE .

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Accounting Repository

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GOCDBv5 changes were taken into account and tested successfully for GGUS.